Our company

I’m Alessandra Carlomagno, creator and fashion designer of Margacha brand. 

Half Peruvian and half Italian my biggest dream was to create a clothing brand that used traditional Peruvian fabrics (I love the colorfull ones!) but creating a Made in Italy product, not just for high-end manufacturing quality but also for the use of italian fabrics and the amazing design thathas always characterized the best italian fashion brands.

That's how it was born in 2018 with so much love, passion and sacrifice Margacha swimwear.

The appliqué in the Margacha swimwear are made of the traditional fabrics made by Peruvian weavers who live in the poorest areas of the country, in fact a future mission of the brand is precisely to help these populations by buying the fruits of their labor. These appliqué are cut with laser technology and handmade sewn.

A curiosity? These woolen fabrics are very representative from Peru, wear by Andean women and are usually used by women to carry with their children, keeping them warm.

Our swimwear

Our swimwear follow the trends of the moment in a special mix between tradition (traditional peruvian fabrics used for specific applications and details) e avant-garde (fashionable design).

The special applications created with Peruvian fabrics recall the famous lines of Nazca, the famous lines drawn on the Nazca’s desert. Like hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys and many more.

The Margacha woman

The uniqueness of fabrics and patterns makes our products unique and original, suitable for a strong woman who follows fashion trends but at the same time wants to be unique. A woman who loves to travel, who wants to discover other cultures and who is always looking for beautiful and new things.

“A triumph of colors that identifies two different cultures in a single product with excellent quality and extraordinary details "